ESDI - EStrategia De Internacionalización

Workshop 5, Ulm-Aalen “Quality Management”

Walter Comerell

The ESDI-DIES Project partners reunited once again in Germany in April 2015 for the fifth workshop on quality management at university and international management by objectives. The workshop began with a two-day meeting in Ulm hosted by the international relations office.

During the meeting at Hochschule Ulm, the partners presented the conditions in which internationalization is embedded in the institutional agenda of their universities and how the yearly-planned objectives of their offices resemble the strategic roadmap laid out by the university.  The presentations also discussed tentative changes for each institution in regard of quality management and process standards.

Reuniones en Ulm








After a day-off set out for transferring to Aalen, the partners addressed crucial points on deadlines for the internationalization handbook, as well as the KPI data gathering at each university. Additionally, important administrative aspects were addressed, such as the project web management and a sketch of the agenda for the next and final meeting in Chile and Peru.

En presentaciones de estudiantes








On friday morning, the workshop participants attended presentations of Aalen first year students about their projects. The students took the opportunity to present in English or Spanish and to inform about their projects visions and plans. Amongst the sixteen projects there were e.g. an analysis of the transition from school to university, a plan for a fairtrade-university, event management and evaluation, a flashmob about First Aid.

Presenting in English for an international audience was for them also a part of internationalisation at home.

The workshop concluded with a Latin American fairy tale story delivered by both Chilean and Peruvian partners at Aalen’s biannual festival Tag und Nacht an der Hochschule (“Day and Night of the University” = Open Day of the University).

Participants in the W5:

From PUCV, Chile: Marcos Avilez and Monica Ramos

From HS Ulm: Stephanie Wagner and Csilla Csapo, Walter Commerell

From PUCP, Peru: Alberto Ferrand, Mari Fernandez, and Luis Manuel Olguin

From HS Aalen: Pascal Cromm, Antje Discher, Ulrich Holzbaur, and Miguel Vázquez