ESDI - EStrategia De Internacionalización

Successful ESDI Closing Meetings – December 7, 2015


The global ESDI team of PUCV, PUCP, Hochschule Ulm and Hochschule Aalen held in the first week of December the closing meetings of the 4 years project ESTRATEGIA DE INTERNACIONALIZACIÓN in Valparaiso, Chile and Lima, Peru, with the support of the German Academic Exchange Service DAAD and funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.

The project team could proudly present in front of invited guests from network universities of the two Latin American project universities PUCV and PUCP the main outcome of this project that is “A Procedures Manual for International Offices at Higher Education Institutions to improve the Management of Internationalization Processes” which is offered to interested institutions in 2 languages, in English and in Spanish.

The Procedures Manual is the result of multiple activities which included the assessment of the current state of the internationalization at each project university, the comparison of levels of internationalization among the four partner institutions, the improvement of strategic planning and related processes regarding internationalization.

ESDI-DIES Consosrtium members

The ESDI-DIES Consortium members at Valparaíso Closing Meeting

Part 1 of the Procedures Manual intends to provide the reader with the necessary information and background of the EDSI project. Part 2 “Guidelines for Implementing the Internationalization Project” provides the reader with the process guidelines for implementing the internationalization project at the own Higher Education Institution (HEI) and for generating the institution’s specific process handbook. It describes also the therefore continuous improvement and quality management processes. The last Part 3 “Sample of an Internationalization Process Handbook”, which can be adapted via the process guidelines described in Part 2, is a generic handbook serving as a sample and as a basis for any HEI that wishes to implement systematic internationalization processes. Although describing numerous processes for internationalization, it does not claim to be exhaustive. It is meant to serve as a foundation only, given that an internationalization project anyway strongly depends of the already existing level of internationalization on the strategic and operational level at a concerned HEI.

The four years ESDI Project – EStrategia De Internacionalización turned out to be an exciting experience and a huge collaborative effort of the four project universities and their staff involved, thus producing

• capacity building among IRO staff,
• a growing awareness about internationalization within all four project universities,
• the promotion of an evidence-based strategic thinking and last but not least
• a strong sharing of experience with other partners.

Those achievements alone made the project a success for all participants, who would like to express at this place their sincere gratitude to the German Academic Exchange Service DAAD and the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development BMZ for providing with the program DIES (Dialogue on Innovative Higher Education Strategies) and the related funding a high-value tool to progress with the internationalization of higher education. The four project universities encourage other universities doing internationalization efforts to make use of this tool! It is worthwhile and rewarding simultaneously when considering the progress that was made in internationalization matters on the one hand and the friendships across countries and cultures accruing from the intensive teamwork on the other hand over the four project years.

The four project universities took the opportunity of the closing meetings to discuss intensively new project ideas. As a matter of fact, the global ESDI team is convinced that the project cooperation will continue within the frame of further projects.

Pascal Cromm

ESDI-DIES Project Director