ESDI - EStrategia De Internacionalización


1. Analysis, transcription and graphical representation of the level of existing internationalization and respective elements of an internationalization strategy, including numbers of incoming and outgoing students at universities involved in this project.

2. Improvement of the formulation of an efficient and effective strategy of internationalization in a process under consideration of the goals of the universities’ faculties.

3. Revision of activities of internationalization under the perspective of the formulated strategy / improved identification of needs for the redesign and alignment of activities in order to provide the best strategies, considering the need of the promotion of research projects with international strategic partners.

4. Capacity trainings in the areas: internal communication channels, the attribution of responsibilities and the management of international projects including the acquisition of third party funds, such as agencies for academic and scientific development and embassies, and international marketing efforts and association of those activities to the global strategies fostering a better international management.

5. Introduction of a quality management process to allow for a sustainable development of internationalization activities and target agreements.

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