ESDI - EStrategia De Internacionalización


1. Creation of a self-evaluation tool and guide that represents the internationalization graphically and that can be used with regularity to document the progress in an institution (and that could be used in future for additional projects of internationalization).

2. Generation of a map of internationalization and a written report that demonstrates the strengths and weaknesses of both associate institutions constituting thus a strong starting point for the development and improvement of the respective strategies to be outlined in a strategic roadmap.

3. Account taking of the results of workshops on internal communication channels, the attribution of responsibilities and the management of international projects including the acquisition of third party funds and international marketing efforts based on examples of good practice.

4. Creation of a procedures manual for international offices which helps to improve their management in the diverse areas of the internationalization process in the universities

5. Introduction of the work of the project, experiences and results to a project report, documenting the main findings, tying the different subjects and levels, and defining the next later steps to the project.

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