ESDI - EStrategia De Internacionalización

The DIES Programme

Institutions of higher education throughout the world are operating in an increasingly dynamic environment characterised by global challenges. They face intense competition for students, highly qualified researchers and third-party funds. Despite an increasing number of students, public funds are stagnating or not keeping pace. In many regions deregulation has given universities new scope for action, but this growth in autonomy goes hand in hand with rising demands from government and society. Universities are being required to ensure the quality and relevance of education and prove that state funds are being used efficiently.

In light of these developments, strategic planning and operative management at all levels of control in institutions of higher education is becoming more and more important. This holds true in developing countries too, where the demand for tertiary education is increasing at such an immense rate that governments are not always sufficiently able to meet it. This results in a growing number of private universities as well as the import of university education by foreign providers. The quality of higher education in developing countries is hence becoming a very pressing issue.

The DIES programme, (Dialogue in Innovative Higher Educations Strategies) is joint programme of the German Academic Exchange Service – DAAD and the German Rectors’ Conference – HRK ,which responds to these circumstances. It offers training courses, dialogue events, projects and partnerships. A whole package of measures assists higher education institutions in developing countries in adjusting their courses of study to meet international standards of quality, expanding their research capacity and making their organizational structures more competitive.

In the context of the DIES-Partnerships, cooperation between German higher education institutions and counterparts in developing countries is being supported and funded over a maximum period of four years with a sum of up to €280.000. These partnerships aim at strengthening institutional management structures and competencies.

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