ESDI - EStrategia De Internacionalización

The ESDI project

The partner consortium will act as a frame of mutual support in the planning, development and execution of a procedures manual for international offices in order to provide written protocols, guidelines and expectations of performance in the area of internationalization, including an internationalization strategy that is based on the analysis of ongoing internationalization processes (e.g. the presence of international students at universities, the focus on graduate students exchange, the promotion of research projects with strategic partners) and resulting optimization issues.

Besides the development of respective strategies, the consortium activities will thus have a special approach in the determination of structural weaknesses, with a particular focus on internal communication channels, the attribution of responsibilities and the management of international projects including the acquisition of third party funds (e.g. international agencies) and embassies to foster a better international management, services management and international marketing efforts, thus allowing also for targeting agreements with parties involved.

In this sense, it is important to highlight that Pontificia Universidad Católica de Perú will be our main focus of support in the project, due to the need of generating more cooperation between German universities and Peruvian ones. Nowadays, Universities in Chile have a strong relationship with Universities in Germany. Through the development of this project, the universities involved will contribute on increasing the cooperation to benefit especially Peruvian universities.

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